The NNBA Announcement emails are a communication of the Newport News Bar Association with its membership. To the extent that we respect our members’ privacy and acknowledge their desire to limit email traffic, the NNBA emails are generally published weekly but will adapt to accommodate timely news. The purpose is to provide our members with information relevant to NNBA’s activities/programs and keep them informed on issues which impact the legal profession.


Items may be submitted for consideration for the NNBA emails, but topics must be of interest to significant segments of the bar. We will not accept topics or announcements that are primarily intended as solicitations. We reserve the right to edit all items and announcements before we send them.


  1. Spacing. Will the NNBA’s news and announcements require the use of all available slots in the blast email program?


  1. Timing. Does the event conflict with a pre-existing NNBA program or service?


  1. Is the news relevant to our members? Generally this includes NNBA news (events, programs & membership benefits), news from the courts, and in certain cases, community events.


  1. Is the item a solicitation? Ads or solicitations for products, seminars or services will not be permitted unless it comes directly from an NNBA Partner and is pre-approved.


  1. Is the topic of timely importance and/or will it directly affect the practice of law in Newport News or the Commonwealth of Virginia?


  1. Reciprocity. Does the requesting agency allow the NNBA to publicize events in any publications they offer?


  1. All items submitted must be sent via email and be in MS Word (or comparable) format. Attachments are not permitted. Items typically do not run more than 200 words on any one subject.


  1. Other items that do not meet with the approval of the President or members of the NNBA Board.